Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Tile and Wood Flooring

I had a customer who's bathroom was half carpet- half linoleum flooring. They wanted to remove it all and replace with tile. Here are the results!



Tile laid on brick pattern

I also had a customer who had a guest house that was affected by the recent flood. They had carpet and were tired of it getting ruined anytime it flooded. They didn't want to spend a lot of money either because the house doesn't get used often and it does seem to flood a lot. Our solution was to use a white wood 1x6 and stain it on all sides before putting it down. Once down, we varnished it with a satin finish. This method is more affordable than your typical wood floors and easy to maintain. This method will give your room a more rustic look and that was just what these homeowners were looking for.

Decorative entry:

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Bedroom/Bathroom Addition with a Kitchen Remodel

This customer wanted to add on to their house, and because of flood setbacks (they live on the river) the only way to build was in front of their house, on a slope. We added a bedroom and bathroom with a walk-in closet and laundry room. We created a new entry and totally remodeled their kitchen, all the while trying to keep with the look of the existing house and making the transition appear seamless. We enjoyed doing this project- it's always fun to see dramatic changes and happy customers!

The sloping site where the addition would be built

The start of the pier and beam foundation.

Pier and beam floor

Beginning of the framing stage

Beginning of exterior sheathing and roof is on

That's me working hard

Removal of existing kitchen wall to connect to new addition- where I'm standing is the location of the new staircase.

Finished Exterior shot

New Entry

Remodeled kitchen with staircase to new addition

New tiled staircase with custom iron railing

New bathroom with tiled shower

New bathroom vanity with double sinks

plant shelf in bathroom with walk-in closet

Once again utilizing all available space with another plant shelf in the new bedroom

Another plant shelf with a tv (all plant shelves have electrical outlets in them)

The new bedroom

Let us know if you need an addition or remodel to your house!

Wednesday, July 7, 2010


Did you know that we build and install playgrounds?
We can prepare an area in your yard if you have bought a playscape, we can put a set together for you, or we can custom build one from scratch.
In the pictures below, we leveled this yard (there was a dramatic slope), installed a retaining wall and barrier around the playground, laid out landscaping fabric and filled with river rock pebbles. We also created planters around the playground and filled with topsoil.
(The pictures below show a Rainbow playset that was installed by Rainbow.)
Hours of fun!

We eventually planted a garden in the planters, and the garden has really taken off! We are enjoying all the fresh fruits and veggies!

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Bedroom and Bathroom Makeover

I recently remodeled my own bedroom and bathroom and wanted to share the pictures with you. We (my wife and I) put a lot of creativity into it and really made it our own oasis to retreat to. We are enjoying it so much and can't wait to do other rooms in the house. If you have a room(s) that is/are in need of a makeover, please let us know! As you will see we are a custom builder/remodeler and take great pride in making sure we create the space you envisioned and hoped for.
Contact us today!

We rocked this entire wall as an accent wall and eliminated the door going to our back porch. We eventually plan on enclosing our back porch to make a game room/living area so there was no need for the door anymore. We also got a new bedroom set and moved my "office" out of this room. Doing that and downsizing from a king to a queen gave us a lot more space. We are really happy with the results.
We painted the walls a sage green color called Caraway. We had so many elements we wanted to keep in our room so it was hard to come up with a color combination and layout that would tie everything together. I think my wife did a great job! Sidenote: One of the items we wanted to keep was that quilt hanging on the wall. For our wedding, friends and family made those squares with special messages on them and my wife's grandmother made a quilt out of all of them.
We changed our single door into double doors (great space saver and adds a custom look) Also when we bought our new bedroom set it came with this free tv. I will eventually have to hide those wires hanging down (just take pvc pipe split down the middle and paint either wall color or accent color and mount over wires on wall) but we are really enjoying the new tv!


Obviously we rearranged the layout of the furniture (and once again saved space by downsizing from king to queen) and we also added some curtains.


AFTER: Our dogs also love the new room and their new spot in front of our bed! We got rid of our carpet and tile and installed new wood floors.


We painted our trayed ceiling and also did a paper bag treatment to the center section.
Paper bag treatment: We took paper bag paper and crumpled it up, burnt the edges and then glued it to the ceiling with wallpaper glue. After it was dry we sealed it. There are many variations to this technique and its really easy to do and looks great! A very unique, custom feature to add to a ceiling, wall, accent piece, etc.



We painted the walls a golden brown color. We used the mirrors that came with our bedroom set as mirrors for our vanities. We painted our existing cabinets black with antiqued gold accents (hard to see the gold accents in these pictures) We also added granite countertops, copper sinks and all new tile everywhere.


Here is a view of the other vanity

View of the decorated plant shelf (my wife just took 2x4s and spray painted them black to put candles on top of them- real simple and affordable)

Closer view of the copper sinks
We used the same faucets, same light fixtures, same cabinets and same layout but yet its amazing how different the bathroom looks. Just shows how a little change can make a world of difference.


We added a chandelier on a dimmer switch above the tub. We also added black shutters over our windows. We changed our tub deck to granite and made it look like the tub was undermounted to the granite.

The new step into the tub with tile accents.


We completely tore down and re-did our shower. We wanted something unique and we came up with this crazy idea of having a shower that had curved walls that wrapped in, instead of a shower door. This is probably one of my favorite showers I have ever done.

Another view

The walkway into the shower
Another view of the walkway in with all of the different tile accents

Inside the shower (again we used the same fixtures)

Inside the shower heading out towards the entry
We are very proud of this remodel because we put a lot of our own creativity and style into it. I personally love any chance I can get to do something new and different in a remodel. If you have any questions or want to see anything in person give us a call! If you have ideas of your own or want to try to create one of the looks for yourself please give us a call! Our business is all about our customers. We love creating custom looks that you envision and are happy with. We love making the house you live in feel more like home!