Sunday, January 30, 2011

Custom Home- Rockwall: Sheetrock & More

We're making some great progress at the Rockwall Ranch custom home. The exterior rock is complete and the stucco scratch coat is done as well. The insulation is complete and the sheetrock is hung. Soon we should start to see color on the stucco and texture on the walls.
Let us know if you or someone you know is interested in building a custom home:
Check out the progress pictures for this week:
View of Front of House with Rock Complete:

Entry Complete with Rock and Corbels:
Exterior View of Master Closet with Rock Complete:

Back of Entry with Rock Complete:

Garage Tower with Rock Complete:

Outside of garage:
Garage Sheetrock:

Media Room Sheetrock:

Sitting/Lounge Area Sheetrock:

Going Downstairs Sheetrock:

Trayed Ceiling in Living Room:

Start of Pool Shower Hardy:

Start of Guest Tub Hardy:

Living to Dining Sheetrock:

Entry Ceiling Sheetrock:

Master Bedroom Trayed Ceiling Sheetrock:

Start of Master Shower Hardy:

Entry to Master Closet Area:

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Custom Home- Rockwall: Insulation & More

Another week has gone by and we are still making great progress on this new custom home. Check out the pictures below!

Street View of House:

Driveway Path:

Pulling up to the house:
Entry Tower with the Majority Rocked:
Backyard View of Entry Tower Completely Rocked:
Roof Over Back Bedrooms:
Back Porch:
Master Closet Front Rock Progress:
Front of House with Scratch Coat:
Garage Tower:
Garage Front with Stucco Scratch Coat:

Large Garage:
Media Room Closet Insulation:
Media and Lounge Room Insulation:

Tub/Shower Combo:

View From Living Room to Kitchen/Dining Area:
Insulation Progress:
Master Shower with Tub in Front:

Master Shower:

Insulation in Master Bathroom:

Foam All Holes in Top Plate:

Electrical Panel:

Anchor Bolts Every 6 Feet:

Air Conditioner Installed:

Air Conditioner in Attic:

Stay tuned for more progress, and in the mean time contact us for more information about your next dream home!

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Custom Home- Rockwall: More Progress

This custom home in Rockwall Ranch is moving along at a great pace, and even despite the ugly weather, no major issues have set us back either. This is a custom floorplan that was drawn by us (In-house custom drawings are free of charge if you build with us!) to fit not only the ideal spot on the lot but accentuates all the key features of the lot and home, that the homeowner specified were important. One of our many qualities as a custom builder is our ability to utilize every square foot of space based on your needs, so as not to waste your money on useless space, and create more value to your home. This floorplan is a must see!
Let us know if you would like to set up an appointment for a walk through, or if you want to sit down and talk about your own custom dream home!
View From the Street:
Front of Garage:

Front of House:
Entry with Rock Started:
Closer Look at Rock Work:

Entry Ceiling:

Standing in Dining Room looking through Entry down to Master Bedroom:
Trayed Ceiling in Master:

The Start of the Master Tub and Shower Area:

Electrical in Kitchen:

Upstairs Media Room:

Electrical Panel- Electrician was Completeing as we were taking Pictures:

Trayed Ceiling in Living Room:

Back of House- Plenty of Windows for view of Backyard!

We've had Plumbers, Electricians and HVAC all week completeing this phase. Soon we should have insulation and drywall going up inside, and more rock and stucoo outside! Stay tuned for more progress!