Thursday, August 27, 2009

Water Features

Want to add a decorative feature to your landscaping or exterior of house? Another great addition to outdoor living is a water feature. Water features have been another popular request this summer. We have built 3 of them so far and each has been completely unique and exquisite. I have included pictures of one of the water features we created, complete with lights and an interior power switch for both the water and lights (We also laid the tile on the back porch that can be seen in these pictures). It was a great addition to our customer’s back yard. They can either relax on the back porch listening to the water trickle or they can enjoy the view of the fountain from the inside of their home. Let us know if you are interested in adding a water feature to your property. We can collaborate on the size, shape and design to come up with something that is truly unique and custom-fitted for your home and style.

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