Monday, February 7, 2011

Custom Home- Rockwall: Progress on a Freezing, Snowy Week

Despite some extreme winter weather conditions last week, we managed to make some progress on this custom home. The stucco color started to go on, and the sheetrock was taped and floated. This week we should see some texture put on the walls, garage doors hung, and stucco color complete. Also, the custom cabinets should be complete this week (and hopefully ready to install soon) and the custom entertainment unit should be built as well. Enjoy the pictures and check back for more progress soon!

Our Sign with House in Background:

Pathway to House which will soon be Driveway:
View of House from Street:
Entry Rock Complete:
More Rock Complete:
Garage Wall Stucco Color:
Eves with Stucco Color:
Right of Garage Stucco Color:

Garage Front with Stucco Color and Rock:

Stucco Color on Garage:

Back of House:

Back of Entry:

Garage to House, Taped and Floated:

Garge to Front, Taped and Floated:

Media Room Taped and Floated:

Upstairs Sitting Area, Taped & Floated:

Media Room to Stairs, Taped and Floated:

Living Room, Taped & Floated:

Entire Kitchen, Taped & Floated:

Kitchen, Taped & Floated:

Kitchen & Dining, Taped and Floated:

Dining Windows, Taped/Floated:

Dining to Entry, Taped/Floated:

Entry Deco Niche, Tape/Float:

Reverse Groin Entry Ceiling, Tape/Float:

Master Bedroom, Tape/Float:

Master Shower Area, Tape/Float:

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