Monday, May 14, 2012

Rustic Cabin

Check out this great rustic cabin we completed for one of our customers. He wanted a "man cave" that he could escape to or guests could enjoy while visiting, and we think its the perfect hideaway spot, right in his backyard! Let us know if you are in need of a spot to get away to!


Entry into bathroom:


Concrete Shower:


Living Area:


Main Room:

The Perfect Hideaway Spot:


  1. Looking good. Rustic log home plans are made from that most natural of all building materials - logs - and so they accent the surrounding environment instead of sticking out from it. It is surprising how many other parts of the country find this style of construction attractive. One of the great advantages is flexibility of construction possibilities. People often think only of stacked log walls, but there are many other cuts, styles, and variations possible.

  2. Obviously, the rustic beauty of a log home is alluring enough to almost pull you into it by force. There's just something timeless about such construction, and the natural beauty outshines homes built in the more modern, conventional way.