Friday, January 7, 2011

Enclosed Garage for Extra Room/Laundry/Storage

These customers wanted to take their existing garage and transform it into an extra living space complete with a laundry room, reading nook and storage area. They also wanted to include a new carport as well. We enjoy projects like these, where we can transform a space that wasn't useful to someone into something they can really enjoy.

Let us know if you have a space that you would like to see transformed into something more useful!


Construction Begins:

Existing Garage:

Framing up the new Carport:

New Location of Main Supply:

Construction Continues:

Another Construction Picture:

Under the carport:


This is the new living area with doors out to the carport:

Ceiling Fan, Can Lights, Separate AC Unit, Wood floors & Beautiful doors:

Another Angle:

Entertainment Wall:

Where the washer and dryer used to be in the house, we installed a new sink area:

Back in the new addition, view of ceiling and doors into Water Heater Closet, House, Laundry and Reading Nook:

Double doors into Laundry:

New Laundry room:

View into Reading Nook:

Window Seat:

More Storage in Window Seat:

Shelves installed near Reading Nook:

In New Living area, Door out to small garage storage space:

Standing under Carport looking at new addition entry and small garage to the left:

Ceiling Fans in new Carport:

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