Friday, January 7, 2011

Water Leak Damage/Remodel

This customer contacted us because they were worried that their master tub faucet was leaking. They needed me to cut an access panel to allow the plumber to replace it. After cutting the access panel, I noticed there was a main water line sauder-joint that was bad, and it was evident from the pool of water under the tub it had been leaking for a long time. Unfortunately, the insulation in the walls had soaked up the water all the way to the top plate. The water also ran down the bottom plate into the guest bath and living room. Luckily, they had good insurance, because we had to gut the entire master and guest bathrooms and open the exterior wall of the living room. We did mold remediation, air quality tests and put it all back together better than before.

If you or someone you know are in need of repairs to water damaged areas of your home, please give us a call.


Living Room Damage:
Notice all the mold at the bottom of the wall.

Guest Bath Damage:
After Tear-Out

Guest Bath Work:
New drywall and spray-foam insulation

Jetted Whirlpool Tub:

Guest Bath Complete:
We refinished an antique dresser and turned it into a vanity for them:
Complete guest bath:
Step into tub with grab bars:

Seat next to tub:

Refinished mirror with new beveled glass:

Vessel sink:

Customized functional drawers:

Nice faucet and sink:

Master Bath Damage:

Master Bath Work:

Custom cabinetry:

Master Bath Complete:
Granite countertops with glass vessel sink:

Unique ceiling fans:

Stained and sealed cabinets:
Blowdryer closet in top cabinet:

Stone-finished double doors into master bath:

Glass shelves on side of top cabinet:

Makeup vanity:

Stone-finished trim and doors

Linen cabinet at the end:

It's amazing what we can do to stretch the value of your renovation!

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