Saturday, June 18, 2011

Recommendation: McQueeney Addition/Remodel

Here is a recommendation letter written by our customers at this job (McQueeney Addition/Remodel):

We hired Ryan to help us add on to our home. We live on a narrow lot on the river which is partially in the flood zone. It was a very tricky situation but Ryan took on the task with no hesitation. He helped us configure a plan that worked with all our particular needs and addressed ones we weren’t even aware of. Every detail was well thought out.

I was amazed at how much work Ryan actually did. He was on the job almost everyday and most of the time he was either doing the work himself or helping out his workers. Ryan made himself available to us all the time. These days, its hard to find customer service like that. If I called him I was almost guaranteed he would pick up the phone and if not he would return my calls that day, even if it were bad news.

Building or remodeling is challenging enough, and we were actually still living at our house during all of this construction. Ryan made the process easier and moved the project along at a very timely manner. He made sure we were happy at every stage of the project. He is truly a one of a kind business man. In fact, its hard not to consider him a friend looking out for our best interests during it all instead of a contractor.

He came up with so many great ideas, trying to find a useful or unique things to do in every room. He didn’t like wasted space and we liked how he was trying to maximize every dollar we spent. This guy is seriously creative as well! His tile designs are one of a kind. He helped us with paint colors, tile colors, and cabinet styles… so many decisions but Ryan has such great taste and vision, we trusted his opinions. He even took a damaged dresser and refurbished it into a beautiful vanity for our bathroom. I get so many compliments on all the unique details Ryan put into the addition. My only complaint is that he didn’t redo my whole house!

I would recommend Ryan (Parker Homes & Renovations) to anyone! He is honest, hard-working and creative. You can tell he loves doing what he does and it shows in his finished product. He is truly a nice guy and easy to work with. He handled everything we threw at him with professionalism and ease. I can’t wait to start another project with him!

-L.H. & B.H.


Thank you for your kind words!

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