Thursday, June 30, 2011

Help a Teacher Out- The BIG Goal!

To catch up on what this project is all about, you can visit:

We had 14 wonderful teachers nominated!
So, like everything we do around here, we are going to go big and be a little ambitious.
We are honoring ALL 14 teachers that were nominated!!!

How will we do this?
Hopefully, with the help from all of you in this great community!

Our goal?
To give each teacher a bin full of supplies and a $100 gift card.
(We realize that with 14 teachers, this is a big and ambitious goal)
Parker Homes & Renovations has committed to donating $500 worth of supplies and $500 worth of gift cards (along with any extra costs and time needed). We have received 4 bags full of supplies and $50 worth of donations from other people. We are well on our way to making this goal a reality- we believe this great community will not only reach this goal but far exceed it!

What happens if we don't reach the goal?
We will divide what we raise by Friday, August 12th among the 14 teachers equally.

What happens if we exceed the goal?
Depending on how far we exceed the goal, we may just divide the extra among the 14 teachers equally. If we raise a lot more, we will begin to contact administrators at the schools (we will go alphabetically, alternating districts) to see which teachers they feel are in need of some help and create even more packages to hand out- wouldn't that be great!?! Stay tuned for announcements if this happens.

Can you help us meet the goal?
If you would like to help:
  • Donate supplies- SEE LIST HERE for ideas or buy what you think is needed.
  • Donate money- either through paypal (you can use a credit card this way), a check sent through the mail (made out to Parker Homes & Renovations- memo: Help a teacher out), or cash in person.

Mailing Address: 224 Chartwell Ave., New Braunfels, TX 78130
Call to arrange an in-person monetary drop off: 830-626-3350

Any Amount helps!
We will send you a receipt to show exactly where your money went.

  • If you would like to be included in the card that every teacher will receive please donate supplies or money. Anything helps! And if you do donate and would like to include a special message please let us know- our email is No matter what, big or small, your name will be included unless you donate anonymously (which is also okay!)
  • Do you know of a business that can donate items/giftcards/money? Please let them know or let us know!
  • Can you think of any other way to help out? Please let us know!
Again, our contact info:

Drop off locations: 224 Chartwell Ave., New Braunfels, TX 78130 (if not at home, leave by door or garage)
123 Schumans Beach Rd., New Braunfels, TX 78130 (inside the main office)
Mailing: 224 Chartwell Ave., New Braunfels, TX 78130
Phone: 830-626-3350

Need a little Motivation?
Here are a little bit of each of the nominated teacher's stories- paraphrased from the submissions we received from those that nominated:
(We are keeping some info out to protect the privacy of the parties involved as well as trying to keep it a surprise for the teachers being honored)
  • We have a middle school coach who puts in long hours even over the weekends, holidays, and summer. This coach is "inspiring, caring, dedicated, practical, realistic" and probably more importantly, "the kids and parents love this coach!"
  • We have a high school teacher that works with at-risk students. This teacher treats them like they were the teacher's own children, often times being the only cheerleader these kids will have in their lifetime. At one time, even paying for medical expenses of a child with no health insurance. This teacher is essentially a single parent at home but manages to juggle both "jobs." This teacher would hate recognition because they feel they are doing nothing out of the ordinary- but we are giving it to them anyway. :)
  • We have a 2nd grade teacher who uses lots of creativity in all their lesson plans. This teacher spends lots of money on supplies throughout the year to supplement these unique lessons but thinks its all worth it to see the children learn and understand. The dedication is very apparent.
  • We have a 1st grade teacher that has taught over 25 years. With all the out of pocket expenses accumulated throughout those years, it would be nice to give this teacher a little something to honor their time and continued dedication. Not to mention, they are dedicated to giving 1st graders the best start ever in their schooling life.
  • We have a 5th grade teacher who all the kids LOVE. All the students are eager to learn and are fully engaged in the lessons. This teacher makes science come to life. One student even says, "...Best teacher in the world!"
  • We have a 2nd grade teacher who was a first year teacher last school year and actually got their job in the middle of the year. This teacher not only adjusted well and did a fantastic job, they kept a positive outlook even during all the job cuts and will be returning next school year. This recognition will help make their classroom even better than last year!
  • We have a middle school teacher who works with students with learning impairments and physical disabilities. This teacher has unending patience and wants wholeheartedly for her students to understand how very able they are. This teacher is inspirational to not only the students but those that know her as well. A truly dedicated and important teacher.
  • We have a 5th grade science teacher that teaches beyond the subject and into important things that go on in our world. This teacher is always looking for cool and innovative teaching tools because they are so passionate about science and teaching. This teacher dedicates a lot of time and energy to their students and their future.
  • We have a 3rd grade teacher who is very innovative, fun and engaging. This is the teacher that all the kids love and want to have as their 3rd grade teacher. This teacher spends long hours creating lesson plans and making sure each class is full of information, yet still engaging enough for ALL students to participate and learn.
  • We have a 3rd grade teacher who gave up practicing law to become a teacher. This teacher almost lost their job because of the budget cuts, but luckily was able to be transferred to another school in the district. However their spouse, who is also a teacher, was not so lucky and is still looking for a job. This teacher took on a lot, including extracurricular clubs. This family has had to make a lot of sacrifices and deserves a little help.
  • We have a 4th grade teacher who is passionate about reading. Throughout the year they encourage students to read, read, read and always do their best. This teacher has a calming effect on the students and creates a great learning environment. This teacher has been a great influence to many- a true role model that parents are grateful for.
  • We have a 4th grade teacher who is not only a dedicated teacher but also a great spouse and parent. This will be their 2nd year teaching and really needs the supplies to jump start the school year ahead. Its always hard to start off a new classroom and each year teachers build upon the last. This teacher needs our help to continue building their great classroom.
  • We have a high school math teacher who is "one of the hardest working teachers in our department." This teacher has a great relationship with the students, their parents, and also their co-workers. This teacher goes above and beyond what is needed of them. As a single parent, they not only take care of their own child, but also teaches math, teaches summer school, and serves on extracurricular clubs/activities at the school. This teacher is "AMAZING."
  • We have a Kindergarten teacher (who recently switched to 3rd grade) who has put many parents worries and concerns at ease. This teacher is sweet and loving and has given many children a great introduction to school. Students say, "... had an awesome time!" and parents are hoping their children will get her again in 3rd grade now!
What great submissions we received from all over the community, their friends, their co-workers, parents, students, spouses/children for teachers from so many different schools and grade levels... these are some lucky teachers to have great people like you to submit their names for this project! You are more than likely one of the reasons they are such great teachers- its always good to have such a great support system!

The most amazing thing about all these stories is that they can probably be related to almost every teacher out there. Unfortunately our little project will not be able to honor all the teachers in our great community (unless of course we get an outstanding response :)) But if this project doesn't inspire you to donate here, we hope it at least inspires you to honor a teacher you know, whether with a donation directly to them or even just a simple thank you. Every teacher has a different story, but every teacher has one common thread... they are all here to educate our future and for that, they deserve recognition and assurance knowing we are there to support them.

On that note...
Lets see if we can reach our goal or possibly exceed it.
Please help our teachers out and donate today!

If you nominated someone...
-If you did not put that you wish to remain anonymous, your name and nomination story will be on the card we give to the teacher. If you do not want this to happen, please let us know.
-Also, if you want to be present for the reveal, please let us know as well, so we can set up a schedule for that.

We will post another update in a couple weeks to let you know where we stand with donations, etc. For more frequent updates, follow us on facebook- Parker Distinguished Homes.
Also, after we have given all nominated teachers their special packages for the school year, we will be posting pictures/stories of the big reveals as well!

Thank you for all the love and support of our teachers!!!

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