Friday, July 15, 2011

New Home: Champions- COMPLETE!

There are still a few minor things to be done at this home and it will not officially close until next week, but with our busy schedules, the only time we could take pictures was today- before everything was complete and clean, so please excuse our mess!

We are proud to add this house to our extended family of homes around the New Braunfels area. Its a one-of-a-kind true Parker custom home! We are so appreciative of our customers and so glad we had the opportunity to build their new home! We always have a great time getting to know our customers and seeing them watch their dream home come to life. We truly have one of the greatest jobs. Please check out the pictures below and see for yourself!

If you or someone you know are in the market for a new home please contact us today!

Guest Bathroom:
Stainless Steel undermount sink with black granite:
Tinted Stainless Steel tile accent:
Soap Dish Inset and Shower Seat:
Guest Bedroom Walk-in Closet:
One of Two Guest Bedrooms:
Interior doors:
Laundry Room:
Security System:
Dining Room Picture Window:
Dining Room with Travertine tile throughout:
Hall to Laundry, one of the Guest bedrooms/bathrooms, Door to backyard, Garage, and Stairs to Media Room:
View from Dining Room into Kitchen and Living Room:
Fireplace with Cabinetry:
Front Door:
Living Room:
Electric Fireplace:
Living Room:
Living Room Looking into Kitchen With coolstone columns and arches:
Living Room:
Cooktop Splash:
Cooktop Area:
Microwave with double oven:
Fridge with extra countertop space:
View into Kitchen (sorry for the mess, our guys were doing final paint touch-ups and grout touch-ups)
Hall to 2nd Guest bedroom/bathroom:
Guest Bedroom:
Guest Shower:
Guest Shower:
Guest Vanity- Sink and faucets not yet installed but will be a rectangular vessel bowl sink- again sorry for not having a final picture of it!
Hall to Master Bedroom/Bathroom:
Niche Cabinet in Master:
Master Bedroom:

Again, Paint touch-ups and grout touch-ups were being done in the master bathroom so excuse our mess!
One of the Master Vanities:
2-entry, arched Shower with tub below:
Master Closet:
Master Closet Built-in Dresser:
One of two shower heads in master shower:
Master Shower Floor:
Shower seat:
2nd Vanity:
Floor and tub deck with step:
Master Bedroom Windows:
Master Bedroom:

Stairs to Media Room:
Media Room:
Media Room Entry, Equipment closet, and attic access (which was plumbed for a future barspace):

Platform with floor outlets:
Rope Lighting:
Back porch: (Water feature not yet complete- we will post better pictures of it once complete)
Back of House:
Driveway to Garage:
Front of House: (Homeowner is installing sprinkler system himself before the grass goes in- pictures will be posted when complete)

Grand Entry:
Windows are trimmed with coolstone as well as columns:
Thanks again to our wonderful customers- we hope you enjoy your new home!
If you are interested in building your own Parker Home, please contact us today to set up a meeting. We can walk through homes that are complete or in the building stages, we can go over floor plans and customize to your liking, and we can go over the many options you have to stay in budget and get the home of your dreams!

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