Saturday, July 9, 2011

Rustic Kitchen

This customer is a bachelor who had very specific tastes when it came to remodeling his kitchen. He loves rustic/antiqued things and he loves his Longhorns. He also wanted his kitchen to be more open with a bar and he was on a tight budget. We came up with some great ideas, and he was excited to see it all come together. We took on this challenge when remodeling his kitchen and we think we were able to combine all his needs nicely into one great-looking and functional kitchen. Check out the before and after pictures below.

Let us know if you or someone you know are in need of a kitchen remodel:

Plain white cabinets and walls. The kitchen was smaller and in an L-Shape but in this picture demo has already begun. There used to be a wall that closed in the kitchen where I am standing taking the picture.
Same before picture of kitchen, but I installed the bar with wagon wheel lighting fixture (better view of it later)
To save him money, we didn't trash the cabinets but instead resurfaced the cabinet boxes and built new doors.

Cedar posts outline entry and bar area. Paper bag treatment on two accent walls and hand-troweled texture walls elsewhere. Cedar plank bar with Longhorn branded in center covered completely in liquid glass and banded with aged steel.
Custom Made wine cabinet. New appliances. Custom made venthood. Custom tile decos.
Slate floors. Cabinet doors are stained with burnt orange accents and perforated tin inserts. Tile countertops with aged steel banding around edges.
Another view of the rustic Longhorn bar with cool wagon wheel lighting fixture. Its amazing how creative we can get!
Vent hood is cedar with Texas Star emblem hand-carved and stained in center. It also has aged steel banding with pot holder hooks around the bottom. The tile deco on the backsplash is outlined with blonde cedar and has a aged steel Longhorn in the center. (Our customer was going to hang it on the wall somewhere, and we told him we had a better idea for it!)
A Longhorn bachelor's dream kitchen!

You tell us your likes and dislikes, and we'll come up with your dream kitchen too! (Or bathroom, living room, bedroom, house, etc)

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