Friday, July 29, 2011

Help a Teacher Out- Our Final Plea!

To Catch up on what this project is all about, visit these links:
Third Post- "Help a Teacher Out"- The Big Goal

Well, we are into our final two weeks of this community service project also known as "Help a Teacher Out." So, as we come close to the end, we must give our final plea for help and update everyone on where we stand.

To read more about the 14 teachers that were nominated for this project please click here.

To Donate:
  • Donate Supplies- SEE LIST HERE for ideas or buy what you think is needed.
  • Donate money- either through paypal (you can us a credit card this way), a check sent through the mail (made out to Parker Homes & Renovations- memo: Help a teacher out) or cash in person.

Click the Donate button below to donate through Paypal:

Mailing/drop-off Address: 224 Chartwell Ave., New Braunfels, TX 78130
Call to arrange an in-person monetary drop off: 830-626-3350
We can even come pick up donations! Just call or email us to set something up!

Any Amount Helps!


Monetary Donations (Remember we set a goal to raise $1400 for 14- $100 gift cards)
We've raised a total of $1400.00

Can you help us reach this goal and donate today?

As you can see, the community support is already very apparent. People appreciate these teachers and it shows by their generous donations, no matter how big or small. By donating, you are not only supporting these 14 teachers but also each of the children they will reach this coming school year. Its a great way to show all teachers that we appreciate and acknowledge all that they do.

What we still need:
If you are wanting to donate supplies:
Really anything and everything off of the list we posted.
We've gotten a little bit of everything. With 14 teachers coming from all different grade levels and subjects (including coaches, special needs, high school, elementary, etc), any item you can donate would be put to great use. I know these teachers probably go through these supplies like air on some days, so I'm sure a stock of supplies will help them out.
Drop Off Locations:
224 Chartwell Ave., New Braunfels, TX 78130 (If we are not home, just leave by the garage or front door/gate)
StoreMore Warehouses: 123 Schumans Beach Rd., NB, TX 78130
Only during the week during working hours- Just leave in the office with receptionist
Call us to arrange a date/time for us to pick up the donation

If you are wanting to donate money:
As you can see we still need almost $600 to reach our goal for the gift cards
We realize that its hard to trust an individual with a donation, but we guarantee your money will be spent on gift cards for these teachers. We post right away, for all the public to see, when we receive a donation, so you and everyone else will know that your donation was received and will be applied towards the goal. We are even putting in $500 of our own money to make this happen. We will send a receipt of the gift card that your money helped pay for and we will post pictures of all the gift cards and baskets full of supplies so you can see the results. We are making everything as public as we can to ensure everyone's trust in this project.
If you still don't feel comfortable donating money, you can always donate gift cards as well. We know teachers would appreciate Starbucks gift cards, Hobby Lobby, Target, Wal-Mart, or other teacher supply stores- we were even thinking spa gift cards would be nice too! (and any amount will do, even if you can only purchase one gift card, that's still great!)
Mailing address/Drop off location: 224 Chartwell Ave., New Braunfels, TX 78130

If you are a business wanting to help:
E-mail us at and let us know what you would like to donate
We have personally contacted over 100 local businesses and hope that more businesses will add to the donations to show their support!
Your business name will be included in all future posts of "Help a Teacher Out" and also on the certificate we give to the teacher.

You can also help by spreading the word and sending this info to someone you know that may want to help out!

So get your donations in soon!

If you have any questions or concerns please contact us at
We will be surprising the teachers/ handing out the packages during the week of August 15-19.
Stay tuned for updates and pictures of the big reveals!
For more frequent updates, please check out our facebook page!


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